Thaggedhe Le (2022)

Hindi Dubbed

Thaggedhe Le (Hindi Dubbed)
 IMDB Rating:

6.1/10 from 63 votes IMDb





 Directed by:

Srinivas Raju

 Starring by:

Darbha Appaji Ambarisha Mahesh Achanta Naveen Chandra




Hindi Dubbed

 Story Plot: Thaggede Le story is about a murder investigation that revolves around nabbing of a drug lord. SI Chalapathy (Ravi Shankar) and his subordinate Raja (Raja Raveendra) bring Easwar (Naveen Chandra) , a software engineer to a Daba and start interrogating him over a murder case. Even as they are busy with their interrogation, the drug mafia is furious with the missing cartel and the dreaded Dandupalyam gang comprising gang leader Krishna (Makarand Desh Pande), Lakshmi (Pooja Gandhi), Chander (Ravi Kale), and others escape. Where this leads to and what is the connection to the murder mystery and how they are related to Eswar's wife Devi (Divya Pillai), Lizy (Ananaya SenGupta) form the crux of Thaggede Le.
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