The Hand (2023)

Hindi Dubbed

The Hand (Hindi Dubbed)
 IMDB Rating:

7.1/10 from 7 votes IMDb




Comedy Horror

 Directed by:

Choi Yun-ho

 Starring by:

Lee Jae-won Park Sang-wook Soo-ho Ahn


South Korea


Hindi Dubbed

 Story Plot: Help. A hand came out of the toilet in my house. 'A hand came out of the toilet', what kind of absurdity is that? I drank a little too much last night... But it's real, believe me. My wife faints in surprise and the security guard also suspects me to be a kid. What should I do now? The only thing I can trust is 119. Ugh. The hand started to move by itself. By chance... is this killing people? What should I do now? Can I get away from this dreadful hand?
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